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Fast and Furious 6: The Game FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the Fast and Furious 6 beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

All of those coins allow you to buy many different types of upgrades in the store, and each upgrade has its own use. Engine, intake and exhaust upgrades all increase the power of your engine. However, a more powerful engine is more likely to have low end torque, while intake and exhaust will especially add to the high end of the needle. Body upgrades will drop weight off of the car, increasing both speed and handling. Gearbox and Flywheel upgrades both reduce the amount of time that your shifts take, as well as reducing the amount of speed lost during a shift.

Tires improve your traction, which results in better drifts and better traction off the line. NOS provides a massive nitro boost when you hit the NOS button in the middle of a race, while suspension increases the speed and quality of your drifts. Buy a good mix of all of these upgrades, especially when you are stuck in a position where you can’t win another race that’s available to you at the time.

Style upgrades include car body paint, dedals for the hood and the body, vinyl designs for the entire car, neon underglow lights, spoilers and rims. New paint jobs are just for looks, but all of the other upgrades will actually earn you more coins at the end of each race, as a “style” bonus.

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Each car has a certain “upgrade rating”, which is the three digit number that appears next to the crooked arrow. You’ll notice that every time that you upgrade the car, the overall rating will increase. The rating is a good indicator of who should win a race, but it’s not always a good indicator especially when the opponent has an advantage due to one specialized category (such as engine power).

Finally, there’s the options menu and the game center menu. The game center menu lets you check accomplishments against other racers, while the options menu allows you to turn off the music and the sound effects.

Other than that, there surprisingly is not much more to Fast and Furious 6: The Game. It goes on like this through all five of the levels. All you have to do is to keep your car powerful enough to win, and race away!