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Pro Series Drag Racing: Tricks and Cheats – Tips and Strategies To Win Races And Earn Gold And Cash (Page 3)

If you want the tuning to be taken care of for you, go to the tuning area and scroll to the far right. You will need lots of gold to do this, but it can be worth it if you don’t know what to do with yours or you don’t want to mess with it too much. Forza Turning, which is one of the game’s sponsors, will tune your car for you. Their tuning will be custom to your car, depending on what kind of car, how much power it runs, and more. 100 gold will get your suspension and gearing modified, while 500 gold will get your fuel and timing modified.

Be sure to look for the Nitrous option under Forced Induction in the upgrade store. It’s hidden past all of the blower and turbo options, but it’s there. Unlike most other drag racing games, you won’t have a button where Nitrous will be activated when you hit it. Instead, it will auto-activate, but if you have a boost controller/nitrous controller, you will be able to change the output at specific RPMs. You can also purge a certain amount to drop the PSI in order to reduce wheelspin or engine damage.

Engine modifications in this game are misunderstood. Many of them will not increase the power on their own or will minimally increase the power. Instead, they increase the strength of the engine so that it can handle more abuse from intake/exhaust and forced induction/nitrous mods without massive amounts of damage done to the engine in just a few races. Plus, it increases the amount of change to the power from the power mods (FI, intake/exhaust etc).

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The main benefit of the championship race is, of course, that you will be able to move onto another circuit. The racers in the next circuit will be faster, and you will have to be on your game more in order to defeat them. Plus, you will earn more prize money for winning the point races and the outlaw races, although the quick races will generally be worth the same amount.

Check the Facebook page for the game, as they often have a lot of contests by drawings where massive amounts of gold are given away. To enter the contest, go to the “Like Us” button and like and share the latest contest post that they make, and you’re automatically entered into the drawing to win large amounts of gold.

If you buy the fuel controller, then make very small modifications to your air/fuel mixture to see what happens. Anything major and you could screw your performance and be forced to reset the blend. Fuel and timing are the tougher things to modify, so they will require far more experimentation than the gearing will.

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