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No Limit Drag Racing 2.0 – Full Tuning Guide: Best Tunes For Each Race

No Limit Drag Racing 2.0 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the top drag racing games on the iOS and Android platforms and like its predecessor, it starts off simple, and then gets very complex as you get deeper into it. You can unlock custom tuning to your car to make almost every possible tweak in order to have the best performance in each different type of race.

Read on for a full tuning guide for No Limit Drag Racing 2!

Transmission tuning is extremely important, especially as your car becomes more and more powerful. Change the gear ratios with an eye on what your top speed is in each gear. The key is to find the best balance of acceleration, top speed, and tire grip.

The main reason to change gear ratios is to prevent traction loss at launch, but also, different gear ratios work better for different races. Shorter gears work better in a 1/8 mile race, while longer ratios work better in a quarter mile or half mile race.

Your suspension is one of the most tuneable components of your car. One of the more obvious things that you can tune is your ride height in the front end the rear. Raising the rear end and lowering the front and a little bit can increase traction and put more weight on the rear wheels, renting your car from fishtailing or spinning. If the rear is too high, though, then the front end could pop off the ground during lunch, causing you to do a wheelie or flip over.

You can also tune how wide your wheel spacing is, how firm or how soft your springs are, the bump and extension. Wider wheel spacing can increase stability, but if they are too wide, they can increase drag.

The other three suspension options have minor effects, which generally have tunes that are better suited to some races than others, so you will want to modify them depending on the race.

Wheelies can be mitigated by the wheelie bar, which allows you to raise the rear end of your car extremely high in order to deal with massive amounts of power, similar to how real life Funny Cars do it.

Not only will you be prevented from flipping over or doing too high of a wheelie, but you will get traction on the rear wheels unlike anything that would be possible without the wheelie bar.

Tuning the weight of the car will allow you to shift the Weight distribution of the car from front to back. This generally makes a small difference unless you shift the way a massive amount.

Shifting weight back can give you more rear wheel traction in lower gears, while shifting the weight forward again can give you more rear wheel traction in high gears.

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Computer tuning is one of the more advanced components of the game, and requires you two more heavily tune the rest of your car first, or at least get experienced at knowing what everything is and what you like.

The simplest computer tune is boost tuning, which allows you to drop the PSI at certain RPMs. This allows you to decrease power at certain speeds, making it easier to gain traction when you might have previously just spun the tires.

If you have nitrous, then tuning nitrous is similar to tuning your boost psi, but even easier to modify. You can choose which RPM the nitrous kicks in at in each individual gear. This allows you to enable it later in early gears for good launch traction, while enabling it earlier in higher gears for maximum speed.


Wednesday 1st of February 2023

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Wednesday 1st of February 2023

I need a gears and final gear set up for the active division car I use the Camaro platform Can't seem to get the car to go anymore than 275 Your help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

I don’t know if this is for real if so please give me good tunes for small tires racing and promod and big tire nothing against you but if this is real send me tunes then please


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How do you get the tunes for the promods and the other cars please I need some bad I can never get cars over 6.45


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