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Shadow of Death 2: List of Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

Shadow of Death 2 is a new fighting RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, and is a sequel to the much older fighting game of the same name for the same platforms; one that is considered one of the all-time classics. This game has a beautiful 2D style and follows Maximum as he continues to fight the demons who are taking over Aurora in order to cleanse it.

Cleansing Aurora can get tough, though, but if you use gift codes to get free rewards whenever you can, you can have a bit of a boost at beating the challenge. Gift codes are free coupon codes that can be redeemed for prizes and rewards. The developers like to give them out for promotional purposes or as a reward for loyal players of the game, and for those who follow the game on social media.

Read on for a list of gift codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Shadow of Death 2!

To get to the code redemption screen, all that you have to do is enter the game, then tap on the settings cog. From there, you will see an option that says “Giftcodes”.

Tap on that option and a text box will pop up. From there you will be able to either write a code in, or copy and paste it from another source. Hit the button to confirm the code, and you will get your rewards instantly.

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The best place to start looking for gift codes to use is on the official Facebook page for Shadow of Death or Shadow of Death 2. If you subscribe to the page, then the posts will appear on your news feed so that you don’t miss any, or so that you come across them without even trying. Be sure to look through older posts as well, so that you don’t miss out on codes that were posted before you subscribed.

Check other social networks as well, especially Twitter, Instagram, VK, and TikTok, but also any networks that are more popular in your country if you aren’t from the United States. Look for any official page for the game (blue checkmark denotes it), but also for any fan discussion, because fans often share codes too. Just be on the lookout and don’t get tricked by anybody offering codes for surveys.

Look through streams and videos about Shadow of Death 2, using Twitch and YouTube. You have a good shot at finding them because there is already a large built-in fan base for the original Shadow of Death, so lots of them are going to move over to the sequel. Developers like to give them exclusive codes to share with their fans, so take advantage of these and get some codes to use

The most popular forum for fans to discuss the game is the Subreddit, meaning that this is the most likely place to find fan-shared codes – and thanks to Reddit’s voting system, you don’t have to worry about weird survey scams. If you have a code that isn’t posted here yet, then be sure to also share it with the Subreddit.

You can also look on the review page on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Check the newest reviews first for the best chance at finding working codes that aren’t expired. Be sure to post your own review with codes in it if you don’t already see them there.

Discord is another good source for codes. All you have to do is join the channel and use the search bar to look for any messages containing the words “code” or “giftcode”. As always, share codes that you have that others don’t.

As of right now, no gift codes have been shared for Shadow of Death 2. However, keep checking back here because as codes get released, we will add them to this article with future updates!


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