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Pro Series Drag Racing: Tricks and Cheats – Tips and Strategies To Win Races And Earn Gold And Cash (Page 2)

Tuning is one aspect of the game that is a bit tougher to figure out and for the most part, you will not really need to mess with it until far more advanced stages of the game. The way to do it, no matter what form of tuning you do, is to go to the test ‘n tune mode so that you can test your car out after changing some of the settings. This way you can see how your changes affect what you are doing.

Some tuning options are more important than others. When you go crazy with the forced induction you will need to purchase either a boost controller or an adjustable transission in order to keep from spinning your tires through the first five gears. An adjustable suspension is also recommended, as you will need to change settings around to go with the increased power. You want to mak it so that the front end comes just barely off of the ground – too high or not at all, and it will need to be changed – unless you don’t have enough power to rip it off of the ground in the first place.

Once you have the new tunable gearbox in your possession, don’t make gigantic changes to it at a time. Make very very small changes to it. If you increase the gear ratios too much, the car won’t get off the line or will get swamped in a specific gear. Decrease the gear ratios and there will be almost no point in changing gears. Increasing the gear ratios proportionally will be required not only to stop spinning your wheels constantly, but also to increase the top speed of your car.

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While the championships and point races are fun, the quick races are arguably the fastest way to earn cash, at least initially. You earn a thousand cash for winning, but over the course of several races that adds up to give you more than enough money to put some serious modifications on your car and speed it up massively. And grind on these races for awhile and you will earn enough for a brand new car, as well.

Engine modifications sound intimidating, and forced induction has a major effect, but don’t neglect the intake and exhaust mods. On their own, they don’t have that much of an effect. They multiply the effect that block, head, cam, valve, FI mods and others have on your car though, and even the best intake and exhaust mods are still fairly cheap compared to the other categories of modification that you can do.

If you are running out of challenges in single-player mode, your best bet is to go to the multiplayer mode and start throwing down bets against other racers. You can either start your own challenge or join another racer’s challenge. Before you join, be aware of what kind of a car they are running – whether it’s a turbo small block street car, a blown big block top fuel drag car, or anything in between. You can make a lot of cash very quickly by doing the multiplayer races if you do them right.

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