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Marvel: War of Heroes for Android and iOS: How to get uncommon, rare and super-rare cards

In Marvel: War of Heroes for the Android and iPhone, you have five different rarities of cards that you can get. These range from one star cards, which are the most common and the least powerful, to the five star cards, which are very rare but are also very powerful. Obviously, the ones that you want the most are the rare and super rare cards, so here’s how to get more of them.

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You can get uncommon cards using the standard Rally Card Packs, but the chances are slim of you even getting a two-star card. The better alternative is to go for one of the ultimate card packs. You can either buy these using gold, which you have to buy using real money, or using the Ultimate Card Pack Tickets that you earn as bonuses for completing initial assignments and mission assignments. Ultimate Card Pack Tickets will usually earn you 2 or 3 star cards, but often they can earn you 4, and rarely, 5-star cards. After you use the Ultimate Card Pack Ticket, you will have to go back to your present list under “My Page” in order to receive the cards that you just opened.

In addition, make use of fusion to increase the power and rarity of your cards. If you fuse two of the same type of card together, one star is added to them. While this doesn’t seem like much when you’re fusing two 1-star cards together to make a 2-star card, this is actually one of the only ways, if not the only way, to earn a 5-star card. If you get two of the same four star card, fuse them to earn a 5-star card.

Login Commendations are another good way to earn rare cards in the game. Each day that you login during the commendation period, you’ll complete another part of the commendation, and once all 10 parts of the commendation are filled, the prize is usually a rare card. In addition, you’ll earn a separate prize for every individual section of the commendation that you complete, and sometimes, this prize will be another Ultimate Card Pack Ticket.

Once you complete a set of six of the same resource, you will earn a rare card as a completion bonus. The rare card will be different every time you complete a set, even if you complete a set of the same ones twice.

Finally, each time that a limited edition event comes around, participate in it as much as possible to get you rank as high as possible. The higher your rank, the bigger the reward will be. This is one of the only ways to get 5-star cards, as well as ultra rare 5 white-star cards (which are the equivalent of 6-star cards)