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Make the smartest use of the diamonds that you do have as possible. Most of what you spend diamonds on will be speed ups, but obviously, not one single speed up is necessary to the game, really. A little bit of patience and you will never need to speed up the game, meaning that you will always be able to save all of those diamonds that you would have otherwise blown.

So that leaves the main two uses of diamonds as being for the purpose of purchasing the second workshop, or purchasing new clothes. The workshop is not really necessary to the game, as you already have one of them that you bought earlier in the game during the tutorial. New clothes are a luxury item, but that much is obvious.

Pixelberry has been known for running a whole lot of special events on High School Story in the past, so expect that exact same thing to ring true in this game as well. Always check the “what’s new” column under the FAQ area to find out what’s new, literally.

Another way to gain some free diamonds is by gaining experience levels. This still pales in comparison to the free diamonds that you can get from quest completion, but it’s still a nice bonus that adds up a little bit over time, each time that you do it. Every time you gain an experience level, you will earn five free diamonds.

Right now there is a special going on, and as a part of it, you will earn a hundred diamonds if you reach level six by December 19. This will go away on that date, but look for other limited time specials like that to come up too, where if you reach a level by a certain time, you will gain diamonds.

Once you make friends in the game via either Facebook or Game Center, not only will you be able to link them to your characters for extra free diamonds, you will also be able to visit their cities and complete tasks in exchange for free diamonds. They can do the same in your university too.

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