Hollywood U: Rising Stars – Top 25 Cheats, Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

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Hollywood U: Rising Stars takes the insane and inexplicable popularity that Pixelberry’s debut sleeper hit High School Story gained and expands on it, with a loosely tied-in sequel that has been designed to showcase life and drama at a fictional Hollywood-centered university that’s been started in order to compete with the established players, funded by some anonymous benefactor. Read on for the top 25 tips and tricks for Hollywood U: Rising Stars!

25) Organize your dorms to make the most money as possible.
Early on if you look at the statistics of all three of the dorms, you will notice which ones hold the highest amount of money before you can collect from them. The director dorm does at first, until you unlock the ability to upgrade the Fashionista dorm early on in the game; then that one takes over the top spot easily. Build more of these two dorms in order to earn as much cash as absolutely possible.

24) How to earn free diamonds
Every so often, beginning at level six, if you look underneath the social button, a button will appear advertising the ability to watch a video for free diamonds. Watch a video and you will earn two diamonds. It might not seem like much right now, but over time they add up and you will end up with enough diamonds for more than a few quick speedups.

23) Sell off any decorations that you no longer need.
This can include the fancy flooring and red carpets that you begin with, as well as anything you purchased for the purpose of completing a quest. Tap and sell them for half of what they cost in the store; if you are selling stuff that came with your school, then this will earn you some easy free cash for doing nothing.

22) To gain levels quickly, stay away from the side quests.
The side quests are time consuming and they won’t earn you any experience points whatsoever. Use the main quests (the only ones which will earn you experience points) exclusively if you are trying to gain levels quickly. If you enagge in side quests, too, or dates for that matter, you could accidentally end up with characters that are needed for a branch of the main quest, being trapped for hours inside of a date or side quest.

21) Keep Addison, Ethan and your main character at high levels in the Workshop.
The reason for that is that these three are your main questing trifecta, and there are plenty of quests that require you simply to have one or two of these three characters at a certain level, and if you meet those qualifications you will automatically earn that reward. Level them up ahead of time to save you hours of questing time.

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