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10) Try to meet rare friends in Club VIP.
The rarest are the ones who consist of more than two types. For example, the Action Hero can be acquired by partying two friends who contain any mix of Movie Star, Fashionista and Director. An example would be Celebutante and Director. The Fairy Tale can be acquired by partying a Composer and either a Celebutante or a Model.

9) Make other combinations with the Pop Star, too.
You never know what sorts of odd, secret or hidden friend combinations there are. If Pixelberry’s past is any indication, they will either sneak hidden friend types in there, or start adding more varieties of friends with each successive update. Or both. Either way, you can get them here first.

8) Go on dates for even more opportunities to earn more stuff.
You can date whoever you want in this game, and you can date however many people you want to at the same time. You can also date any gender you want, whether it’s the same gender or the opposite gender. The more dating you do in this game, the better, because you will earn more goods that way. Free diamonds are another part of the fun here.

7) Watch out for VIP dates to show up here, too.
One example is the opportunity for you to date Chris. It costs fifty diamonds just to begin dating him, but once you do, it’s just like doing one of the VIP quests. There will be a small amount of rewards for most of it, and then after the final leg of this series of dates, that’s when the real big rewards will come.

6) How to get more decorations, such as one that’s not available but that’s needed for a quest
Most items in this game are unlocked by gaining experience levels, such as buildings. Decorations are different. These are unlocked by buying expansions. The more expansions you have, even if you don’t really need them, the more decorations will be available in the store, meaning the more quests that you can complete.

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