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Frozen Frenzy Mania – Tips, Tricks, How to Beat, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Frozen Frenzy Mania is the latest match-3 hit by Storm8 Studios, a subsidiary of Pocket Gems. This game puts you in a cute little frozen world, not to be confused with anything from Frozen the movie (the game is unrelated). Your goal is to go through the game’s many, many levels, and to see how far you can get. Plus it’s something fun to do when you want something to switch out with Candy Crush. Read on for some tips and tricks for Frozen Frenzy Mania!

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The special tiles should be fairly familiar in this game. Matching four will give you a line-clearing tile, matching 5 in an L-shape or a T-shape will give you a +-clearing tile (one horizontal and one vertical line), and matching five together will give you a rainbow tile that knocks out all tiles of the same color as the one that you swap it with. Matching four in a box shape gives you a popsicle rocket that knocks out something that you have to knock out to complete the level.

The real fun comes when you mix two of the special tiles together. Mix a line and a box to make a big line that clears five lines at a time. Match a line or + tile and a rainbow tile to turn all tiles of that color into the same line tile or + tile, then clear all of them out at once. Mix two rainbow tiles together and they will blow up every single tile on the entire screen.

If you lose at a stage, you lose a life, but if you want to get your lives back for free, go to the date and time and set the time ahead by half an hour per heart that you want to restore. Then go back to the game and all of your lives will be restored.

Once you do that trick, and you go back to the game to verify that the lives are there, then you can go back to the date and time settings for your phone or tablet and set the time back to normal, and then go back to the game. Once you do this, the lives will still be there AND your time on the phone will be back to normal. You can do this trick whenever you want.

If you don’t want to cheat, then look on Facebook for people who play this game and add them. If you have nobody who plays, and you don’t want to add strangers who play, then start a second Facebook account for games only, connect that to the game, then add other people who play FFM. Places to look for people include the comment section here, Google Play’s reviews and the App Store’s reviews.