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Frozen Free Fall – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Frozen Free Fall is Disney’s new iOS match three puzzle game based on Frozen, the movie. It is essentially Candy Crush Saga with Frozen characters, but that’s fine because it’s massively addicting all the same. Your goal is to quest through hundreds of stages of all different kinds, using power ups and sidekicks to help you along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Frozen Free Fall!

You have only five lives. If you pass a stage, you will keep your life, but if you lose, restart a stage or if you end the stage, you will lose it. If you lose all of your lives, or even if you just want to restore one life, you can set the time ahead by however much time it takes to restore your lives (half an hour per life).

You can do this trick as many times as you want to. However, if you set the time back to normal, the lives timer will reverse itself, meaning that it can reverse the timer by hours and hours. So the best time to set the time back to normal is before you go to bed or before some other time that you won’t be playing for awhile (such as going to work).

Maximize your points by mixing special tiles together. Mix two windchills together to blow up a row and a column. Mix a windchill and an iceberg to blue up five rows and five columns. Mix together two icebergs to make a huge bomb. Mix together a glacier and an iceberg or a glacier and a windchill to turn every tile of one color into either a windchill or an iceberg. Mix two glaciers to destroy every tile on the entire screen.

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You can mix multiple combinations at a time using multiple fingers or just by swiping really quickly. This is especially useful when you are playing a time trial stage, because this will allow you to score massive amounts of points in a short amount of time.

Save your power ups for the really tough stages. Don’t use them if you don’t have to, because there is no in game currency. The only way to get more power ups is to buy them with real life money in the in app purchase store.