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Frozen-Splinko – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Frozen-Splinko is a new casino game for the iOS and Android platforms that claims to pay real money. This game allows you to play multiple casino games such as cards, slots, baccarat, pai gow, poker, and a whole lot more.

Is Frozen-Splinko a scam or is it legit? Keep reading to find out our verdict!

As you may have figured out by the UI of the game, this is actually simply an app that takes you to the website for a random online casino, such as Ducky Luck Casino or Red Dog Casino. There is no actual game within the app. It takes you straight to the website for the casino.

The online casino gives you the opportunity to deposit money, to deposit crypto, to gamble money on games, to eventually withdraw your winnings. This is what it claims, and while some of the reviews give very high marks to online casinos, some of the reviews also give very bad marks to the sites.

You have to ignore all of the reviews on websites that claim to be neutral, because they will all give it a positive review, and they will all have a affiliate links at the bottom of their positive reviews. Look for reviews source from the community, such as on Reddit. You will find that some people claim to have gotten their winnings after verifying their accounts, while some people claim to have been completely unable to withdraw, or that they’re being given a hard time by the developer.

Most online casinos does not appear to be a scam, but it they do not appear to have very good customer service, either. So if you’re going to deposit your money into the random online casino, then verify everything that they ask you to verify, and don’t be surprised if something goes wrong.

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This is not an article about casino websites, though. This is an article about Frozen-Splinko, which has a completely different name and a completely different developer than BioVegas or Ducky Luck or whatever else, despite appearing to be the same thing.

Frozen-Splinko might simply appear to be a straightforward app for a casino, but it has a different name and a completely different developer. Why would the app not come from the casino themselves, but from a seemingly fake developer, and a completely different name?

We don’t see the programming code, but it’s entirely possible that the developer created a proxy that filters the winnings or the deposited money to themselves, and not back to the players. This is corroborated by the fact that if you look at the reviews for Frozen-Splinko, nobody is happy except for obvious bot reviews; there are simply a massive amount of one star reviews from people who absolutely cannot pull their winnings out.

It’s also entirely possible that these pop-ups to various casino websites are simply a result of linking to the developer’s own affiliate code. This means that they will make money when people deposit money, so when people try to deposit money into one of these casino apps, the developer is raking money in hand over fist.

Our verdict is that Frozen-Splinko is unequivocally a gargantuan scam, and they’re there is literally nothing redeeming about it. Do not put your money in, do not get your money potentially stolen by unscrupulous developers.