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Merge Topia – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Merge Topia is a new matching and merging game for the iOS and Android platforms we are goal is to create the finest resort in the world. You can interact with all sorts of characters, including the stereotypical “woman whose husband divorced her and laughed her with only the dilapidated mansion”, earn coins and gems, all sorts of new land and territories with keys and energy, and a whole lot more.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Merge Topia!

You can merge almost any item that you want to in this game, just as long as you have a minimum of three. If you have three of that item, you can merge them into the next item up; five of the same item gets you two of the next item up, seven of the same item gets you three of the next item up, and so on. Try to merge as many of the same item together as possible in order to earn more new items for your buck.

As you continue to merge new items, you will unlock fresh rewards, especially gems, coins, and keys. Follow the red dot next to the icons in order to find every reward that you can claim. When new rewards pop up, new red dots will pop up next to various icons.

The mini game will allow you to earn in order to unlock new areas which are previously covered by fog. In order to earn more keys, play the mini game. If all that you want to do in this game is play the mini game, then you can play for as long as you want, with new levels unlocking each time you beat an old level.

Each character will give you different quests, and you have to collect various character items and merge items in order to earn the items that you need to fulfill those quest. As you fulfill quest, you will earn rewards, learn more about their character development, and unlock new characters.

Completing quests will also enable you to gain experience levels. The more experience levels that you get, the more new items that you will unlock, and the more new areas in the fog that you will be able to unlock using keys. If you have keys but you don’t have anything else to unlock, then you’re going to need to gain an experience level in order to find new stuff to unlock.

If you run out of energy to play the mini games, then there are a couple ways that you can earn more. The simplest way, of course, is to wait for your energy to fully restore, or you can pay 350 coins in order to get energy back. Another option is to make a purchase using real life money that will completely restore your energy.

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