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Travel Town: Merge Adventure – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Travel Town: Merge Adventure is a popular merging game for the Android and iOS platforms that allows you to merge various objects together in order to create new objects, fill orders, earn coins, unlock new areas, and more. There is a nearly endless array of stuff that you can unlock, as you make your way across a massive map.

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On the board itself, there are items that you can merge, and then there are source items, such as buckets and baskets, which provide items that you can merge. Source items can also be merged; if you merge them, then you have a better chance of getting a lucky/rare item When you tap them, meaning that you will have to spend less energy in order to get better items.

You can earn coins by filling orders, which are listed across the top of the main puzzle screen. Customers will want a specific item from you in exchange for a certain number of coins, or they might want multiple items. The orders with very rare items or with multiple items at a time will typically be worth the most coins of all.

At any time, you can go to the beach area and start spending coins in order to upgrade. This is best to do after you run out of energy and you have no more moves that you can make. Simply take the coins that you have built up over a long span of time, go to the beach, start unlocking things, and start going through the story.

Each building that you fully unlock within the beach area will give you some sort of boost, such as increasing the amount of coins that you earn from customer orders. This helps ensure that you will get through the game faster, even when it costs more coins to unlock the next area.

There is a nearly limitless number of buildings that you can unlock within the beach area. Go to the beach and use two fingers to zoom out in order to see how many there really are. There are hundreds of these buildings, which leads to a literally endless amount of gameplay, especially because the developer continues to add more of them as the game gets older.

As you continue to play through the game and unlock new areas of the beach, you will also increase your experience level. The more that you increase you were experience, the more different spots will unlock on the board; these spots will initially be full of random items, but you can merge these and get rid of them as you get further into the game in order to truly make more blank space on the board.