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Match Factory! – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Match Factory! is a new 3D match three game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to match a number of items in order to beat the level. The items are all laid out in a complete mess on the board, and they typically are also locked by junk items that are not required in order to beat the level, but that you have to work your way around. You can go through an almost unlimited number of levels, coins and boosts, engage in team play, open chests, and a whole lot more.

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Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Match Factory!

You can earn up to three stars on each level, and the amount of stars that you earn is not based on the accuracy of what you tap; rather, it’s based on how quickly you can finish the level. So you can tap as many junk items as you need to in order to clear them out of the way, and as long as you collect all the necessary items within a fairly quick amount of time, you will earn your three star ranking.

There are various different types of boosts that you can use to power your way through an extra difficult level. These boosts will automatically get rid of some junk items, shuffle the board in order to reveal items that are hidden, as well as many other things. Fast and accurate tapping can allow you to beat almost any level, but these boosts can provide major help on levels that have you stuck.

As you make your way through the game, there will be all kinds of different new modes of play unlocked. For example, once you unlock team mode, you will be able to create or join a team, which will allow you and other players to send lives back and forth, as well as to get free coins and to chat with other players.

The lives bank will fill up with chests that allow you to earn free lives when you open each of them, but don’t open them until you really need them. If you open them too early, and you end up above your maximum number of lives, then it takes away the ability for the game to regenerate lives on its own, so wait to use the life chests until after you completely run out of lives.

Go to the leaderboard area and you will be able to compare your score to the top scores of various players around the world, around your specific region/server, and in masters tournament play. Masters tournament play, along with others tournaments and events, will not always be available, but when it is, you and other players will be able to compete for extra large and rare prizes.