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Alice’s Dream: Merge Island – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Alice’s Dream: Merge Island is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms with two different types of puzzles. You have the ring puzzles, which are simple puzzles where you unlock rings in order to clear the stage, and you have a big wide world of merge puzzles, where you can help the characters from Alice in Wonderland rebuild their territory and break free from the curses on the island. You can purchase premium islands, earn coins, gems, keys, and more.

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Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Alice’s Dream: Merge Island!

When you start off the game, you’re going to have to play the ring puzzles in order to make any sort of actual progress. To beat the ring puzzle levels, turn the rings until they are disconnected from the hooks. Once the rings and the hooks are completely disconnected from anything else, they will fall off of the screen, and when all of them fall off, you will beat the level.

As you progress forward in the game, you will eventually get to the point where the ring levels are not required at all. If the ring level previews are the reason that you download the game, though, you can still keep playing them perpetually. The levels will be available to play at all times, and you won’t waste any lives playing them. Plus, they can earn you free gems.

The main core of the game consists of merging different sorts of objects in order to meet goals, explore more of the territory, rebuild the land, and rescue people. You can merge almost anything in this game, and the more of the same item that you merge together at a time, the more bonus immersed items that you will earn as a reward.

Many of the quests will require you to unlock mushrooms in order to make potions. Mushrooms pop up constantly, so tap them even if you don’t need them at the time. You can still use them later in order to make potions, then give them to Alice, and have her accomplish the next task.

Try merging other items together, as well. Merge coins together in order to make a better coin before you collect them, and when you tap them, you will earn more when you pick them up. Merge keys together in order to earn more keys when you tap them, and merge crops together in order to make better crops.

As you unlock more characters, they will have more quests for you to complete, so keep merging and reading their quests so that you can accomplish them and earn bigger rewards.