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Idle Office Tycoon: Money Game – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Idle Office Tycoon: Money Game is a new tycoon game for the iOS and Android platforms where you are the landlord of an office building, and your goal is to get all of your office spaces filled by various businesses and make as much money as possible. You can upgrade the furniture and other accessories in the offices, hire engineers to maintain the building, upgrade the power sources, and more, while earning cash and diamonds. You can even unlock new cities, pets, and new buildings.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Idle Office Tycoon: Money Game!

When you’re starting off, your best bet is to generally go for the upgrades that will provide you the most bang for the buck. Fill all of your possible slots, and especially go to the managers office and purchase the upgrades there, because they will cause your rent to increase significantly. these will greatly increase the amount of money that you earn every 30 seconds.

Occasionally, your rooms will have maintenance issues that cause work to stop until they’re fixed. Your building engineers can repair these, but tap the ones that aren’t being worked on and your character, the boss, will fix them himself, and he does the job far more quickly than the building maintainers do.

Be sure to collect the rewards that you get for completing missions, because these are one of your best ways to earn cash and diamonds for free. When one quest reward is completed, other pops up, until you run out of quests in your current building. Once you move onto the next building, more quests will show up.

There are plenty of video advertisement bonuses in this game. Talk to the investor and you will be able to watch a video for free cash. Occasionally, you can also watch a video in order to spin the lucky wheel, which can give you cash, diamonds, and other bonuses. Many of your requests also offer advertisement bonuses to double your rewards.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and as such, they can often be hard to come by unless you purchase them with real money. Don’t forget to go to the shop area and collect your free diamond reward every day, though, because this reward is worth 10 diamonds, and consistently collecting this reward will pay off in the long run.

When you move to a new building, tap on all of your old businesses to see what new upgrades you can do. Usually, you will be able to purchase new desks, new accessories such as plants, and more, all of which increase your rent, and often which provide excellent bang for the buck.

Certain rooms may seem pointless early on, such as the bathrooms, the lounge, and others that don’t directly increase the rent, but these are important in order to keep employees happy. Happier employees have higher productivity, which leads to higher income for you.

Be sure to upgrade the maintenance room as well, because not only can you hire more building maintainers, but you can give them better equipment so that they can work faster. Be sure to upgrade your power sources as well, such as generators and batteries, so that you have a greater surplus of power in order to build new rooms and keep things running reliably.

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