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Office Cat Tycoon – FAQ: Plants, Fertilizer, Free Gems, Rich Cat Index, Kitty Bank, Gem Booster, and More!

Office Cat Tycoon is a new business and real estate management team for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a young cat who is getting started on their business career. Your goal is to manage office buildings, purchase furniture and decorations, and attract top-tier businesses. As you earn money and level up your businesses you can move to bigger and better buildings, purchase houses and cars, increase your rich cat index, and a whole lot more. you can also earn gems in order to make all sorts of premium purchases.

As follows, here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in Office Cat Tycoon!

Plants can give you various boosts, such as income multipliers, more offline time, and increased employee morale. Currently, the only known way to get a plant is to spin and land on the plant in the lucky roulette game, although there is a very special plant that you can earn when you upgrade the Kitty Bank to level 7.

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Fertilizer is a little bit easier to find than plants; you earn free fertilizer every four hours that can be claimed in the store, and you can also purchase better fertilizer using gems. Your plant will grow automatically after you earn it, but fertilizer will help it grow faster and increase in levels, causing it to get flowers faster.

There are tons of ways to earn free gems in this game including completing missions and completing items on the to-do list. For every single one of these bonuses that you earn, the gem ones will also have the option to double or triple the amount that you can collect in exchange for watching an advertisement video.

Additionally, there are other ways to earn free gems. Go to the store area and once every 24 hours, you will be able to watch an advertisement video in order to collect 10 free gems instantly. You can also periodically use advertisement videos to get a free spin at the roulette wheel, with gems being one of the bonuses that you can earn there, although you can also earn cash and other goodies.

Your rich cat index, or RCI, allows you to purchase premium buildings outside of your current space. In order to increase your rich cat index, although you have to do is go to the dealership and purchase cars, or find houses that are available to you and purchase them. If you don’t have any more that are available to you, then increase your player experience level and eventually more will be available on the map.

Types of buildings that you can purchase include banks, which significantly increase your income, power plants, which significantly increase the amount of electricity that you have at your disposal, and more. None of them will be available to you when you first begin the game, but as you increase your player level, and then increase your rich cat index, more of them will show up.

The Kitty Bank fills up as you play the game, and you can purchase it in order to earn bonuses at any time, although the best time to purchase it is when it is completely full. It’s arguable as to whether or not this is actually a better deal than just the standard purchases, although it can earn you exclusives, such as a type of plant that is not available any other way.

The Gem Booster is a subscription that’s kind of like a battle pass, that is the single best way to earn gems for somebody that plays the game heavily. The more that you play the game with the pass, the more gems that you can earn, and you can cancel the pass at anytime, so if you play this game a lot, it’s very much worth it.