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Office Space: Idle Profits – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Office Space: Idle Profits is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game plays off of the virus that Michael and the other employees have planted at Initech, and your goal is to spread the virus from room to room and install more of them to increase the amount of money that it steals. You can collect flair and employee cards, purchase various upgrades to boost all profits, and rapid-tap to make even more money. Read on for some tips and tricks for Office Space: Idle Profits!

Where you station your employees should depend on what their bonuses are. Some have an effect on the floor that they are on, while some primarily affect the floors above or below them, or even all floors. Get more employees by going to the shop and collecting the free small packs, or spending flair for the larger ones.

Various ad offers can be taken to boost your profits. The silver screen button plays an ad that boost all floors by 2x for the next four hours. The gold one pops up occasionally on the lower left corner of the tapping screen, and when it does, you’ll get a limited-time offer, such as a 1000% boost in tap profits for an hour, or an instant cash infusion.

The first time that you can have Milton burn the office down, he will need 50 staplers first. After that, you can commence the burning whenever you want to. It’s best to wait until you hit a wall with installing new viruses and upgrades before you have Milton burn it, so that you can maximize your stapler upgrades. Staplers are each worth a 3% income bonus, although the bonus increases by another 3% the moment that you log into the Kongregate network.

If you get a notification for the tapping screen but you have not gained a level, then check the event button because that red exclamation means that an event has now shown up that was not there before. Check the event and you will be able to see an alternate area of the game. The purchases in the office area will mirror those of the main game but the level-up bonuses for each room will increase production, rather than decrease the cooldown time. Special graphics will be added to the tapping screen to represent the event or the cause of said event.

When you go to the screen where you upgrade your rooms and purchase new rooms, you will have the option to purchase more than one at a time. You can buy one, ten, 25, or 100. You can also simply switch it to max to buy the max allowable. Look for the green line in the upgrade bar. If the green line is full, hit the upgrade button again.

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