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100 Balls – Catch the Balls: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

100 Balls – Catch the Balls is a new spin on the 100 Balls type of game. You start off with 100 balls which you drop down through a funnel and into a smaller funnel, but the small funnel is moving. Any ball that falls through the small funnel scores points for you and goes back to the top, while any ball that misses is off the screen forever. Lose all the balls, and you lose the round, so you can, if you’re skilled enough, go for an unlimited amount of time and score an infinite number of points. Read on for some tips and tricks for 100 Balls – Catch the Balls!

There is a penalty for missing the bottom funnel, but there is no penalty for letting a lower funnel go by without sending any balls into it. So if you need to take your time in order to time the ball drop right, do that, even if it means missing the funnel. Keep the balls going for as long as possible.

The lower funnels are color coded depending on what their score multiplier is. Another reason to wait for the right funnel is to drop balls into the ones with the highest multipliers. The higher that your score goes, the better that the multipliers will be. You’ll see them go as high as 7x, 8x, 9x, and more, with a new color added to the funnel to correspond.

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Once a ball goes through the funnel, it takes on the color of the funnel, as well as the multiplier score. The multiplier of the balls are multiplied by the multiplier of the next funnel. So if a 7x ball is dropped through the 8x funnel, then that ball alone will be worth 56 points. Use this to dramatically increase your score as you get further on into the rounds.

Hit the battle mode and you will be able to play against your friends on the same device. This is eaiser to do o na larger device since you and a friend have to be holding the phone. Your strategy here should be to play conservatively early on and prevent losing your balls. When the level increases for one player, it increases for another player, so you can save your balls for the higher multipliers. Your friends might hate you if you do this though.

There is an additional multiplier bar that fills up as you land balls in the funnels without missing. The more balls you land in a row, the higher the bar goes and the higher your multiplier goes. This extra multiplier is multiplied with both the funnel multiplier and the ball multiplier to create an avenue for insanely high scores to be had in this game.