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Eatventure – Clubs Guide and Walkthrough

Eatventure is a wildly popular restaurant simulator for the iOS and Android that literally allows you to go through hundreds of cities, tons of different types of restaurants, and unlock an almost unlimited number of equipment types in order to increase the prices of your goods, make more money, and get through the game faster.

Clubs are a brand new feature to Eatventure that have been hinted around for a very long time by the developers. What are the clubs, and what use are they to you, and what do they allow you to do?

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Read on for a guide to the clubs in Eatventure!

It has been several months now that the clubs have shown up as a menu button within the game. The button is available to you almost right from the beginning of the game after beating the tutorial, and when you tap the button, you will access the clubs menu.

Right now, with the feature not having been added to the game in its entirety, if you tap on the clubs menu, you will see a notification that tells you that the feature is coming soon. So as of right now, the feature is not available in the game, but what can we expect once clubs are finally added to the game in their entirety?

The latest update is that clubs have indeed been added to the game. We have gotten to play with them, and here’s what they are all about.

For one thing, this mode allows you to join up into a club with other folks who play the game. You and others will be able to help each other out, and it will be more advantageous to play with people who are fairly active in the game, so that you and him can upgrade your restaurants together.

You and other players will be able to salvage equipment into the club, similar to how you salvage equipment in order to upgrade other equipment, except that the equipment that you salvage were increased the experience level of the entire club. When the club gains an experience level, everybody in the club will gain a prize. These prizes are substantial, such as nine big boxes in one shot or 2000 gems.

If you join in the club has any level higher than level one, then you will not be able to gain any of the previous rewards that have been earned except for the overall multiplier reward, which lasts for as long as you are a member of the club. Any levels that are gained while you are a club member, the rewards will go to you.

You can leave clubs in order to go to other clubs to try to get rewards for leveling them up as well, just be aware that you will not be able to join a club for 12 hours after you leave a club. After the 12 hours passes, though, you will be able to join.

If you are in charge of a club, you have the ability to kick other players out whenever you want to. Use this frequently and kick other players out as soon as they stop being active and stop salvaging experience for the club. Yes, you may have to be a bit Machiavellian, But this is what you do if you want to skyrocket your club to a higher level, because new players will want to salvage items instantly and get all of the bonuses.

If you’re the leader of the club, you can still leave the club just as if you were a regular member, and leadership will be transferred down to the next player in line, typically the one who has been with the club the longest. When the last player leaves a club, the club will cease to exist.