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Eatventure: FAQs – Vault, Cards, Events, How Many Levels, and More!

Eatventure is a wildly popular restaurant simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. You can run a restaurant and upgrade it to entirely new levels and heights, unlock new cities, earn all kinds of equipment for your character, higher new chefs and cashiers, and even compete against other players.

There have been many frequently asked questions about the game, especially with all of the mysteries contained within. What are the vaults and the cards for, how do you get more of them or open more vault spaces, and how can they benefit you? What are special events, how often do they come around, and what is the point, and how is it important?

Read on for a list of frequently asked questions and their answers in Eatventure!

The vault is one of the more mysterious areas in this game. The vault is very similar to talent, unlocking, and other games of this type and of other times. The reason is that the vault allows you to unlock a completely random talent in exchange for spending gems, although there are very often ways to get free vault entries.

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Not only can you unlock new talents, but you can upgrade ones that you have already unlocked; as a bonus, sometimes these are less expensive than the new ones, and they are obviously far more predictable, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you upgrade a talent.

Often, when you beat a level, you will earn a box that contains a number of cards. You can also earn these cards in other ways, such as purchasing boxes in the store. These cards represent equipment that you can give to your chef, and there are different rarity levels, such as rare, epic, and legendary.

Typically, you will find common, rare, or epic equipment cards in the box. What you will not find within the box itself is legendary equipment, although if you open a big box, you have a good shot at finding legendary blueprints; if you get enough legendary blueprints, you can use them to unlock a brand new piece of legendary equipment.

Events are special circumstances that happen very frequently in this game, and are usually time. Events often coincide with various holidays, but even when there is not a holiday around, the developers will continue to push out events in order to keep players interested inland provide large rewards.

Be sure to participate in the events as often as you possibly can. You have all of the time in the world to do the main game modes, because these stay the same, and they never change. Events, by contrast, or limited by time, so when they run out, any reward that you might have otherwise earned will go away permanently.

How many levels are there in this game? If you count the event levels, then there are an unlimited amount, because these can be added, and taken away at any point in time by the developers.

As of the time that this article was written, there are currently 60 levels contained within the game, not counting the levels that belong to special events. That is absolutely not a final total, though; expect the developers to add more levels as they release more updates for the game.