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Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting (Animal Shooter 3D) – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting, also known as Animal Shooter 3D, is a popular hunting game for the iOS and Android platforms where you progress through levels, hunting new# game as you make your way through. You start off hunting common animals such as deer and wolves, but by the time you’re at the end of the game, you can end up hunting dinosaurs, big game, and all kinds of others. You can earn coins, complete missions, upgrade your weapons, your clothing, and more.

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Continue reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting, also known as Animal Shooter 3D!

This game tends to be a little bit easier than other hunting games, and one reason for this is that in stages where you have to hunt more than one animal, you never have to worry about your shot spooking the animals after the current one. Even if you miss a shot, the animals never seem to hear anything, so you don’t have to worry about them running away.

Be sure to aim for the golden chickens in the background even when they’re not part of the quest. These chickens will give you 250 coins as soon as you shoot one of them. Aim for other bonus animals as well, especially if they glow a certain color.

Your gold coins can buy you a multitude of different weapons and other pieces of equipment, but up until later in the game, there is no point in purchasing weapons. The reason for this is that the painted gun, which is extremely powerful, is available to win in exchange for watching three advertisement videos. You can watch all of these videos in a row, it will only take two minutes maximum, and you will have to pay absolutely nothing for what equals a 35,000 coin gun.

You can complete missions and earn coins with special kinds of shots, the most basic being heart, lung, and brain shots. Brain shots are arguably the easiest, because all you have to do is aim for the top of the head or slightly below. Heart shots are by far the most difficult to do, because usually the heart is fairly close to the lungs and is comparatively small. Lungs are often fairly easy, because they are big and you can aim either the side, the front, or the back.

Different guns have different statistics associated with each of them, such as more shooting power, higher firing rate, and higher range. You can also unlock different shirts, hats, and other clothing items; unlike guns, clothing items are purely aesthetic and they do nothing to change your statistics.

As you continue to move forward throughout the game and game levels, you will unlock all kinds of different animals, each one more exotic than the last, typically. You can even unlock dinosaurs once you get far enough ahead in the game.