Deer Hunter 2014: Top 10 Tips and Cheats

Deer Hunter 2014 has become the most popular hunting game ever released on the iOS and Android platforms, by many estimates. It’s not without good reason either, as this is the latest in a long line of the popular hunting title by Glu Games. The hunts start off easy but can get difficult fairly quickly, so read on for the top ten tips and cheats for Deer Hunter 2014!

10) Intentionally lose on the Trophy Hunting stages to rack up massive amounts of hunter bucks.
Hunter Bucks are what you use to buy most of your weapons and upgrades, and you earn the most hunter bucks from the trophy hunts. You earn about 1/5 of the bucks for losing as you do for winning, but for many of the trophy hunts, that’s even more than you will earn from all of the other hunts. This is especially effective on the final hunting level of each region.

9) Complete all of the Trophy Hunts to unlock the next region.
If you complete all five of the trophy hunts on one region, you will unlock the next one. You earn no bonuses for completing the hunting series or for completing any number of the contract hunts, so make the Trophy Hunts the focus of your efforts.

8) Pick the right gun for the hunt.
The rifle isn’t always the best for every hunt. Use the shotgun for hunting predators, when you have to fire a very powerful shot as they pounce, or for the bird hunts. The assault rifles are the best for stampede hunts (where the animals are running). Pistols aren’t very good for anything, so there’s no point in having them around.

7) Upgrade the Infrared even when you don’t need to.
The Infrared is a CRUCIAL tool for when you need to find a dark animal in a dark environment or when you need to see their heart to shoot them. Upgrading it increases the amount of infrared time that you get from one battery charge, thereby removing the need to buy more batteries frequently.

6) Accomplish heart shots when the animal is turned to the side or away from you.
For most animals, when they are turned facing towards you, the heart will be completely blocked by the lungs. Instead of trying to shoot the little piece of heart that you can see with the infrared, shut the infrared off and wait for them to turn.

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