Deer Hunter 2014: Top 10 Tips and Cheats, Part 2

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Welcome to the top five tips for Deer Hunter 2014! Click here to go back to top tips six through ten!

5) Save up for better rifles even when you don’t have to yet.
You have a choice of six rifles to buy – two for region one, two for region 2, and two for region 3. Start saving up for region 2’s rifle when you are on region 1, and region 3’s rifle when you are on region 2, and you will be able to blow through the next region and get all of the upgrades that you need FAR more quickly.

4) Use the shotgun on birds and predators.
First, upgrade its scope so that you can get more accurate shots. Aim the shotgun at the birds, and you’ll land a hit almost every time regardless of whether your aim is perfect. Birds are almost impossible to hit otherwise unless you get lucky. On predator stages, wait until they are about to pounce, then aim at the lit up region (heart or lungs) for a quick shot without the infrared. Shotguns are powerful, making them excellent for this use.

3) Save up your gold.
You gain one gold each time that you gain an experience level, so don’t go blowing it all on speeding up your upgrades. Save up all of your gold so that you can buy a special rifle later on, since many of the weapons can ONLY be purchased with gold, not with hunter bucks.

2) Save your infrareds for the Trophy Hunting stages.
If you are running low on batteries, start saving your infrareds for when you really need them, which is the trophy hunt, since every trophy hunt requires you to accomplish a heart shot in order to win. Once you enable the infrared, make the shot as quickly as possible, and the infrared will shut off automatically whenever you are successful.

1) Maximize your free gold in the store.
Go to the store and you can earn free gold by watching advertisement videos or completing offers on the TapJoy offer wall. Even if you don’t wnat to use the offer wall, you can earn a LOT of free gold by watching videos. If you run out of videos, shut the app down, then come back and there will be more videos available. Keep watching them until you earn enough for a great bonus reward.

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