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Deer Hunter 2014 Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Deer Hunter 2014 tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Sometimes, you will have missions that require you to kill animals that will charge at you by shooting it in the heart. If you kill one using the regular rifle with the scope, then the others will charge. An easy way to kill all of them without having to use the infrared vision is to first, equip the shotgun. Fire one shot to get them charging towards you. Then aim toward the closest one.

Once your aim is on the closest one, aim up a bit. The game will slow down slightly when the animal raises up on its hind legs, and its heart area will light up. Fire a shotgun blast into its heart for an instant, easy heart-shot kill.

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Kill birds by firing the shotgun at them. Make sure that the stability is upgraded before you do this, and ideally, make sure that the clip size is upgraded too, in case you have to kill a LOT of birds. For stampedes, if you do not have the assault rifle, then use your normal rifle, and power it up massively. If it’s a strong animal, aim so that their heads or lungs will end up in the path of your bullet when you shoot.

You won’t get any bonus for beating the standard hunts, despite how many of them there are. Their main use is to earn money so that you can beat the trophy hunts. A better way to earn money is to make it all the way to the “boss” battle of the trophy hunts, such as Howling Death for region one. Fail and you’ll earn nearly 900 hunter bucks. Fail over and over to farm easily for coins.

Beating all of the trophy hunts on one region will unlock a brand new region for you – region two is North Africa. Region three is British Columbia. Even more regions are expected to be added to the game in future updates, so if you are a good enough hunter to beat the trophy hunts in all three levels, then no worries.

One way to get some free club hunts, if you run out, is to log into Facebook with Deer Hunter 2014 and either “like” the next hunt or “comment” on the next hunt. Each action earns you one free hunt, and allows you to play hunts without having to spend your money on Club Hunt Permits.

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