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No Limit Drag Racing – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

No Limit Drag Racing is a surprisingly realistic drag racing simulator for the iOS and Android. In a gaming ecosystem full of clones and tap-tap affairs, this one is the one that you want to play if you care about real hardcore details, including such things as gear ratios and suspension geometry.

Read on for some tips and tricks for No Limit Drag Racing!

The very beginning of a race is the part that makes all the difference, especially compared to games such as Racing Rivals or CSR Racing. First, you want to hold the burnout button and smoke the tires for a few seconds – just enough so that your tires get traction right at the beginning but if you hold it for too long your tires will end up getting too slick. There’s a big margin for error, though. Use the tire temperature gauge to check it – try to finish in the green.

Then, stage the car (all four staging lights must be on) and hold the launch button to rev the car at the designated launch RPM. As soon as the light turns green, let it go.

Then shift in the yellow range, which is the optimum shifting range for your car. Shift too early and you will lose speed; shift late and you will bounce off of the rev limiter.

Want to customize even more of it yourself? Buy the adjustable suspension, computer and transmission. The gear ratios are arguably the simplest things to customize yourself; the suspension and the computer settings are a little tougher.

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For the suspension, it’s suggested to google suspension setups for actual real-life dragsters; for the computer stuff, you’ll either have to wing it until you figure out what works, or purchase a pre-set stage of tune and either keep it as is or work off of that.

In the upgrade store, not all of the upgrades are in order for either price or effectiveness. Look around all of them, especially the weight reduction ones, for cheap upgrades, such as “lightweight battery” and “driver diet”, that all have surprisingly excellent results.

Also, make sure to keep your car sufficiently repaired, or else you’ll end up losing constantly. Even having the engine and the tires down to 90% instead of 100% makes a huge difference in both your time and your trap speed, so repair before you end up completely stuck.