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Merge Plane: Space Trek Quests – Unlock and Master the Star Trek Event

Merge Plane has a multitude of quests that you can complete for free gems. The ones that are straightforward are the Airport Tycoon quests, but the ones that are a bit more mysterious are the Space Trek quests, which feature Star Trek planes and ships, as well as others that reference sci-fi movies, such as Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. Read on for some tips on the Space Trek/Star Trek events in Merge Plane!

Once you get to the Star Trek event, then you’ll be able to complete the Space Trek quests. These quests go about the same way as the standard ones tend to do. You have to fill your board with a certain number of Star Trek planes in order to complete these quests, and these quests will earn gems for you when you complete them, just like the Airport Quest ones.

Instead of the propeller coins, your secondary currency here looks like a circuit board, so we’ll call them circuit boards. Just like in the standard mode, in the Star Trek mode you trade coins for circuit boards, and then you go to the boost tab in the store and you’ll be able to buy boosts using circuit boards. These include overall multipliers to your income and plane discounts.

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Instead of having 30 planes to unlock, like in the standard mode, you’ll have 15 spaceships to unlock. Unlocking them goes the same way as it does in the standard mode – merge two level-one planes to get a level-two plane, two level-two planes to get a level-three plane, and so on. Take advantage of the store to unlock planes more quickly. Take the free plane and free upgrade bonuses wherever you see them.

At any point, you can switch back and forth between normal mode and Star Trek mode. When you switch from one to the other, the offline income on the previously-inactive one will open up to you, and you’ll be able to watch a video to double the income, or spend gems in order to triple the income. And you can use the numerous unlimited Merge Plane coin cheats here just as in the main airport.

The most common question is how to get to the Star Trek events. This one is confusing because even when the event isn’t happening, the quests still show in the quest menu, but the Star Trek events are a limited time only sort of thing. So if they aren’t showing up in the game right now, then wait for awhile and they will be added back to the game later on. The event also don’t always show up on both iOS and Android – sometimes one or the other, or sometimes neither one. It’s all up to developer discretion. Sometimes the War Thunder event will appear at random, as well.