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Merge Plane: How to Unlock All Planes

Merge Plane is a new game by Merger Games/Gaga Games where your goal is to unlock all planes in the game, and make a ton of money in the process. There are 40 different varieties of planes that you can unlock, with each one giving you more than double the money of the last one. Read on for some tips on how to unlock every plane in Merge Plane!

At the beginning of the game, unlocking planes will be fairly straightforward, as you can merge them all together fairly quickly. Once you get to about plane number 5, you’ll be able to unlock planes in the store. You can buy them using the coins that you earn, and with each plane that you unlock, you’ll unlock one plane higher in the store.

Coins are what make the world go around in this game, so maximize your coin earnings in any way possible. Unlike in most games of the type, you can’t cheat your way to more coins by changing the time on the phone. You can speed your coin earnings along by using the double-speed bonus which earns you 2x coins for 150 seconds for every video that you watch. The UFO’s 5x coin bonus lasts 60 seconds when you unlock it. Unlock both at the same time for a 10x coin bonus for 60 seconds.

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Use the store and take advantage of all of its bonuses. If you see a plane with a video icon next to it, watch the video to get the free plane. Buy the latest unlocked plane to speed things along in terms of unlocking the next plane. Sometimes, when you buy a plane, you’ll be able to upgrade it a few levels for free using an ad video; take those too.

Buy the boosts to earn more coins and to make it cheaper to buy new planes. Runway boosts will make it so that you have a coin multiplier. Discount boosts will allow you to buy cheaper planes. The more boosts you have, the more that you can speed things along and unlock planes more quickly.

Most importantly, stick as many planes as you can on the track for as long as possible, and especially stick your top planes out there. Do this before you go to bed at night, and then in the morning, go to the game and collect your coins, and double them with a video or triple them with gems. You can also log off whenever you want and double offline earnings with an ad video whenever you feel like playing again. Speedy coin earnings mean more planes, which means unlocking planes quicker.