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Madden NFL Overdrive: Get More Coins and Madden Cash

Madden NFL Overdrive is the reimagined version of the Madden NFL Mobile franchise, with a focus on quick games and fantasy scoring, but much about the game remains the same. You have multiple currencies that can be used to buy stuff, with the main two being Coins and Madden Cash, the primary and premium currencies of the game. Read on for tips on how to get more Coins and Madden Cash in Madden NFL Overdrive!

In Madden NFL Overdrive, unlike in many mobile Madden games of the past, you can actually get free Madden Cash without having to spend any money. To do this, on the main menu of the game, tap on the “Get Madden Cash” button. An ad video will play, and then a few minutes after the commercial is done, five free Madden Cash will be added to your account. You can watch as many of these ads as you want for five apiece, so watch tons of them to load up on the Madden Cash.

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The auction house is the best way to earn coins in Madden NFL Overdrive, especially if you either have Silver or Gold tiered players, or if you have enough coins to start with to buy one. The key to this is to look for players in the auction house that are undervalued and are going for below market rate. Look for auctions such as these and try to purchase them, but don’t overpay for a player.

Once you snipe out a good player, put them back on the market, or even train them a bit first and put them back on the market to fetch a higher bidding price. Start the bids higher – it might take slightly longer to sell this way, but it will be worth it when you sell the player for more money.

If you need to rack up some money before you go to the auction house, grinding by playing many games is the best way to do it. Winning, of course, will earn you more coins than losing, but even losing can be lucrative if you pull off the right moves to unlock achievements.

Hit the events area in order to find lucrative challenges, as well. Oftentimes these can earn you a whole lot more coins than the standard Overdrive games will, without having to spend anymore money than you normally would.