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Madden NFL 25 (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide Part 2: More Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide to Madden NFL 25 for the iPhone and Android! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

If you want to make some quick coins without spending too much time or thought, stick the game in sim mode and play some games. All you have to do here is pick plays, and even if you lose, you still earn coins. If you don’t want to ruin your record, play games in exhibition mode when you are doing this.

Play in the solo challenge mode to earn new, high-score cards, and when you do, put them in. When your high-ranking player is a receiver, when you run passing plays, make them the cornerstone of your plays. Flip the plays around if you want to increase the element of surprise, yet still keep the same plays that are working well for you (regardless of if the receiver is the reason for the success of the play or not).

If you’re tired of the plays that you have and you want to try more plays, flip the slider over to “pro” mode and you’ll find a whole new batch of plays that you can use.

Run out of energy? You can buy one energy at a time in the store WITHOUT paying bucks. One energy point costs 250 coins, but unless you are really impatient, it’s usually not worth it since 5 energy is required to play a whole game, and you won’t earn back 1,250 coins for winning, most of the time. However, buying one or two extra energy to finish off a down can be worth it.

Want to find more friends to play with on Facebook? Check out the official Facebook page for the game, or post an “add me” request in the comment box below, or go to the app store and look at the reviews. Often, people will post add me requests in the review section, so add them with a note titled “Madden 25” or something like that.

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Increase your team rating by making use of your nickle and dime positions in the defensive formation, or your flex positions in the offensive formation. You’ll have to organize your plays a little bit differently depending on who you pick for each position, but you’ll be able to pull off much more strategic plays – for example, putting a fullback in the flex position allows him to block and make holes for your halfback to run through.