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Super Brawl Universe: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Super Brawl Universe is Nickelodeon’s new mobile fighting game featuring characters from Nicktoons past, present, and future. Your goal is to fight in battles against other players in familiar Nicktoon territory, winning trophies and cards.

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You can earn slime and gems as you go through the game, which can be used to buy all sorts of upgrades for your heroes. As you earn more trophies, you unlock not only more heroes, but more upgrades as well.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Brawl Universe!

There are a few different moves that you can do in battle. Tap on the screen to do a light attack, swipe towards the opponent to do a medium attack, or hold and charge to do a heavy attack that breaks through blocks. Swipe away from your opponent to dash backwards. Hold on the left side of the screen to block.

The fighting aspect of the game, despite the lack of character movement, is surprisingly complicated, and each player will take a different set of moves to beat, depending on their strategy. Early on, you’ll find that some players turtle up and hang onto the block side of things.

When this is the case, you can keep using your light attack to whittle down their health, or you can use your charge attack to break through their block.

Opposing players will often turtle up and hold the block button in order to charge their super move. To throw them off, drop the block and then block again when you see them begin to attack. Or swipe backwards and make them chase after you, then do your own swipe to do the medium attack and hit them.

You need cards and slime in order to upgrade your characters. Fill both of them by opening chests that you earn in battle. Your rarest characters (rare, epic, etc) have more power to begin with, so focus on these, as finding cards for them is surprisingly not that uncommon.

Fight to earn more trophies early on, because the more trophies that you earn, the more game modes that you unlock. 1 vs 1 is the first mode that you have. 3 vs 3 requires you to have three heroes, and is unlocked shortly after. Challenge mode is unlocked after you hit 150 trophies.

In many ways, this game is more about keeping your brawlers upgraded than it is about actual fight strategy. To stay upgraded, keep fighting 1 vs 1 fights, and to a lesser extent, 3 vs 3 fights. Increase their power levels and you’ll win most fights, even if your fight strategy is not up to par.

Open chests as quickly as possible. Whenever you begin opening chests, you can take up to 30 minutes off of one chest by watching one ad video. So whenever you’re opening a more common box requiring less than 30 minutes to open, you can open it instantly with the video, without even having to spend gems.


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