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Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android) – How to earn free coins and gems

Puzzle Fighter is the sequel to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, the late-90s puzzle hit by Capcom from the Street Fighter universe. This game features characters not only from that universe, but from other Capcom games such as Dark Stalkers, Resident Evil, and Mega Man. Each has their own set of moves, but to get all of these moves and characters, you’re going to need plenty of coins. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and are used for purchasing far more valuable bonuses. Read on for tips on how to get free coins and gems for Puzzle Fighter!

Your main method of earning gems will be from winning battles against other players. Once you win, you’ll earn a small batch of coins to begin with. Then, if you have spins available in Honda’s Hundred Hand House, you’ll be able to spin for a prize, which will always contain coins. The rarer the prize, the more coins you’ll get. Set push notifications to get a pop up when the spins reload.

The Hundred Hand House is where you go to earn free gems, too. They aren’t that common here, but you can earn them if you get a rare enough spin – for a gold prize, for example, you’ll earn some free gems, as well as plenty of coins and move cards.

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The single-player mode consists of various missions that you can play. Each mission contains a battle against a computer-controlled player, and for each one you win, you get a chest full of coins, as well as a bonus for winning the battle. The bonus is slightly bigger when the enemy is more difficult to defeat.

At the end of the mission event, if you earn enough MP, or mission points, you get to open the event chest. Each event last two weeks and starts one after the other, and the event chest contains the rarest reward of all. This can include massive amounts of coins, as well as free gems. Start gunning for mission points as soon as the event begins and you may never have to reload.

There are a ton of links out there advertising gem generators or gem hacks, but none of these gem cheat links are legitimate unless you have a jailbroken phone or are running it through your desktop if you’re an Android player. Even if they do work, they’re a quick way to get banned from the game. Your best legitimate chances for free gems are the rare Honda rewards and the event chests.