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Girls X Battle 2: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Girls X Battle 2 is a new mobile RPG featuring super anime-style characters battling both on their own against repeat enemies, and with your help to fight through new levels and stages. You can upgrade them, join guilds, and even take them out on dates.

You can earn coins and gems as you go, while also loading up on girls, equipping them with new weapons and armor, and doing all sorts of other modifications to your team to make them as powerful as you can.

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Read on for some tips and tricks for Girls X Battle 2!

When you’re actively playing, your main goal will be to get through campaign levels. You’ll be able to auto-battle them, but the downside to that is you can’t actively take control, so when you get to the point that they lose, you’ll have to get a bit creative as to how you manage your team.

Two of the main parts of your earnings are coins and essence. Go to your girls’ pages and you’ll be able to level them up using coins and essence. When they hit their max level, you can progress them to raise their stats and level limits higher, but it will cost a lot of coins and essence.

Hit the loot button often to unlock a whole bunch of equipment. Whenever there is a red dot next to the loot button, that means that you have more to get, so collect it, and then go to the girls’ gear screens to equip it.

You’ll unlock a lot of one- and two-star girls as you go, but you don’t want to keep them around. Go to the school screen in the main menu to transfer them. You’ll earn all kinds of rewards for doing so, such as equipment and coins, and even gems sometimes.

To enroll your girls in school, get seals using the events, internship quests, and you can buy more in the market as well. You’ll get four and five-star girls and girl shards for doing so, plus you can get portfolios, which can be exchanged.

To graduate one of your girls, they don’t need to be enrolled; instead, you have to have the right materials. Graduating a girl increases their star rarity. You need to have the right group of girls to use as materials, though.

Follow the red dots that you see around various icons on your main screen. Some of them will lead to free rewards, while others are just triggers to send you to an advertisement for an in-app purchase. You’ll learn which is which as you go, so you can pick out the free rewards from the paid ones.

Hit the bag whenever you see a red dot next to it. When you collect enough girls shards, you’ll be able to summon a new girl from the bag. When you get girls between 3-6 stars, this becomes really important, so that you can get the most powerful girls on your team.


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