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Girls X Battle 2: List of Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

Girls X Battle 2 is a popular RPG featuring super powered anime schoolgirls taking on monsters and villains. You can earn diamonds and coins, load up on rare and powerful girls and equipment, in battle it out both against other players and against the computer.

There are tons of rewards to earn from the various quests that you will find within the game, but some of the rarest are the ones that come from the gift codes that developers provide. Gift codes are activation codes that can be redeemed in exchange for rare gifts, such as free diamonds or legendary heroes.

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Read on for a list of gift codes and how to find more of them in Girls X Battle 2!

Once you have a gift code, the police to enter it is in the gift code redemption screen. Tap on the Menu button in the lower right corner.

Once you do that, tap on the button in the menu that says cab code. Put in your code, and then you can exchange it for a free gift.

To find codes, the first place to start looking is on all of the official social media channels for the game. Look back at least three months to find the most recent codes, because many of the older codes will no longer work.

Be sure to search all of their social media channels, not just one of them. The reason for this is that oftentimes codes are posted on one channel but don’t get posted onto the other one, so you want to be sure to check them all. Check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Be sure to search Reddit as well, because Girls X Battle 2 has been around for a while and has a lot of posts about it. Go to the search bar, limit it to only the Subreddit you want, and search for a gift codes to see what you can find.

You will more than likely find multiple Discord links while you’re there, so tap them, go to the Discord for the game, go to the search bar, and type in “gift codes“ or just “codes“. Sift through all of the chat messages to see who left codes behind.

One of the best opportunities for finding new codes is by checking YouTube or twitch, or anywhere else where you can find streamers and vloggers Who cover video games or mobile games. Often, gift codes are offered to streamers, so that they can give them out to their subscribers and followers. So keep on the lookout for any streamer that is giving away a new code.

Another fruitful source for these kind of codes is, believe it or not, the App Store that you downloaded the game on. Depending on the platform, it’s most likely either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Go there and then go to the page with the reviews.

Once you’re there, look at the reviews chronologically, in order from the newest ones to the oldest ones, and look for any reviews that players have posted that contain codes. If you can’t find any, then get the ball rolling and post some codes your self, whether they are codes that you know from elsewhere or simply codes that you have a copy and pasted from this website.

At any of the social websites and apps above, such as Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, look at the comment section on various posts and videos to see if a player has posted something there. Oftentimes players ask for codes in the comments, even on posts that are completely unrelated to codes, and sometimes they will post their own as well. It never hurts to check.

Once you reach level 21 in the game, you will be able to join a guild. Each guild has a guild chat, and often players will share codes with their own guild members. So join a big and active one, and be sure to share codes if you want codes to be shared with you.

As follows, here is a list of the gift codes that we have found so far for Girls X Battle 2:


Be sure to keep checking back, as we will continue to update the page whenever we find a new codes! And if you find a new one before we do, leave it in the comments.


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