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Heroes Battlegrounds – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Heroes Battlegrounds is a new battle arena fighting game in the My Hero Academia universe that is contained entirely within Roblox. this game plays like a cross between PUBG and Super Smash Bros, where are you and a number of other players fight each other, trying to score kills and victories and unlock various achievements, new moves, and other goodies. You can play with multiple heroes, unlock different achievements, and more.

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Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Heroes Battlegrounds!

It can seem overwhelming the first time that you play the game, but there are a few basic moves that you should practice that will help you. The four buttons are to jump, to block, to punch, and to dash. Dashing and jumping will help you escape from other players, blocking will help you ward off their attacks, and punching will, of course, help you defeat them.

You will also have four different special moves that are contained within their own buttons. Each time that you use a special move, it will take awhile for that move to cool down and recharge. Each special move has its own individual cool down time, so if one move is cooling down, you can still use another one.

At the top of the screen, one of the menu buttons will let you change heroes. You can switch heroes whenever you want, even in the middle of a fight, and when you change heroes, all four of the special moves will change. You can try all of the heroes and figure out who has the moves that you like the best.

If you want to practice your attacks, then look for the various dummies that are sitting around the arena. These dummies will sit still and will not attack you back, and they are very easy to target, so while you hit them, you can watch how your move works and remember it for next time so that you can use it more effectively against other players.

Be prepared to get attacked the second that you enter a level. Players are moving around constantly, looking for new blood, and when they see you spawn into the level, they’re going to jump. Be prepared to attack and defend right away so that you do not get destroyed immediately.

There are a few things in this game that you can buy with Robux. Some of these things include different outfits for your heroes, game passes that you can either keep for yourself or gift to other players, and more. There is absolutely no need to spend anything in order to get full enjoyment out of this game, though, Because the entire game is available immediately when you play it.

A good way to get some easy victories is to attack a hero who already has low energy, whether they are in the middle of a fight or simply have low energy from a previous fight. This will make it easy to land a few combos on them and knock them out. Alternatively, you can also flip this strategy inside out and draw other players to you when you have low energy, then knock them out, especially if you can predict what angle they will attack from.