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Super Snail – FAQs, Secrets, and Advanced Knowledge Guide

Super Snail is a completely unique and surreal idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This game can be extremely confusing, and there is a massive amount of stuff to do, not to mention that so much has been added to the game as a joke by the developers, or as a reference or goof. We try to break down as much as we can with this guide, though.

Read on for an FAQ list, advanced tips, and random advice for Super Snail!

There are multiple forms in this game. You can utilize Zombie, Demon, Angel, Mutant, Mecha, and Dragon forms, each of which has their own advantages and disadvantages. While the instructions to unlock them are a bit obscure, you can do the following in order to unlock every single form:

To unlock the Zombie form, upgrade your Devouring to level 10.

To unlock the Demon form, upgrade your Muscle to level 15.

To unlock the Angel form, upgrade your Brain to level 20.

To unlock the Mutant form, upgrade your Vision to level 25.

To unlock the Mecha form, upgrade your Neuron to level 30.

To unlock the Dragon form, first unlock all of the above forms, and then upgrade them to tier 5. Additionally, in the gene simulator, you have to reach 800. Finally, you have to beat the researcher in battle.

After you do all of this, the item that gives you the Dragon form will be available in the simulation shop. It will cost W-tadpoles, which are the rarer of the two, so be prepared to shell out.

What’s the best form in the game? This depends on the individual player and their own opinion, and it’s also hard to determine this without testing every single form at the same tier. Many say that the Zombie is the best overall form. Many others say that the Dragon is eventually the best overall form, but that it takes lots of upgrading to get there.

Dragon orbs, believe it or not, have nothing to do with getting the Dragon form. When you collect and use dragon orbs, you can summon the great Dragon, which is similar to (and possibly a parody of) Shenron from Dragon Ball Z. After you do this, the great Dragon will grant you wishes.

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There is a strange little implement called the Ad Trash Bin, which you can eventually unlock while watching advertisements and earning bonuses. It takes 300 advertisements in order to unlock this, and there are absolutely no rewards other than bragging rights and making it go away. Allegedly, though, you may be able to earn a new title by doing this.

It even says right on the pop-up description menu that this is a bad deal and you probably shouldn’t take it, but you have the option to do so anyway. The Ad Trash Bin was added to the game as a joke by the developers.

In the Paris Catacomb, you can pacify the evil spirit by displaying a purple relic. There is not one solo purple relic that does the job; you can pick from different ones. Check the notes area in order to find out what worked for other players.

When the little turtle shows up in the resource room, you have to use a total of three incense and the laser to zap it 11 times. After the last zap, it will turn into a clone of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The storyline will continue with the turtles, and they will pay weekly rent to you, which often consists of free incense.

There are lots of ways to earn more WTADS, also known as white tadpoles. Get the fortune cat from the vending machine for a chance at earning more of them. Upgrade your pond for a better chance at finding them contained within.

Be sure to complete all of the missions that the game gives you so that you can earn the most possible. Additionally, fight against the hitman and agent every single day, as they show up once per day. Of course, frequent exploration is a great way to do it, as well as collecting the reward after Friday maintenance.

When you fight in Cathay, your generals will die every time, but this is to your advantage. Worship your dead generals in order to get prestige, then use the prestige used to level up your generals. Keep completing this cycle until you finally win.

If you fight against the the sewer turtles and lose, they will go away, but go talk to the gold rat (parody of Splinter) in the lotto room and use incense on it, then fight it and win. Once you win, you will see where turtles will come back, and you will be able to try the fight again.

When you unlock the pig, it won’t seem like it does anything, but just keep picking up the poop and giving the pig what he asks for. The poop can eventually be traded for valuables, including rare relics, as well as gene segments and free cells for the gene simulation.

Some of the stats in this game might make no sense at first, but they all have meaning. ART is for advancing in your demon form, FTH is for your Angel form, CIV is for your mutant form, FAME is for your zombie form, and TECH is for your Mecha form. AFFTH is the combine the power of all five of these statistics.

In addition to being good for form evolution, these five statistics primarily come up in instances post-exploration, in which you need one stat to be at a certain level before you can complete the task. All of these stats can be boosted by gear, gene simulation, wonder fungi, and relics.

One of the most powerful relics with the stupidest method of earning it is the golden finger. In order to get the golden finger, tap on the rock in front of your garage 999 times. While this might sound like one of those fake tips from the early days of the internet, it actually works.

Cloning and breeding are easy ways to get more minions for chores and for battle. Battle doesn’t unlock until you build a rocketship in your base. After you do that, you can send your minions into battle, and then when they get wounded, you can either heal them or clone them again.