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Super Snail – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Super Snail is an unconventional new game for the iOS and Android platforms that is both an idle RPG and a parody of idle RPGs. You play as the snail that is the last hope of the earth in a post apocalyptic world in the year 2123, and your goal is to quest through Korea/Koryeo, and then the world, picking up intel, upgrading your snail using relics and other items, collecting black tadpoles and white tadpoles for currency, and beating back the seven demon gods so that you can save the earth.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Super Snail!

The tutorial is long, but it’s so long because the game is so unconventional that if you’re not paying attention to what’s going on, you could end up getting lost after the tutorial is over, so be sure to pay attention during the entire thing. You will figure out the basics of the game, such as exploring and fighting, collecting intel, and upgrading the various facets and statistics of your snail.

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One interesting thing about the way the exploration works in this game is that the questing is always going on, whether you are actively playing it or not. If you are offline, then the quests happen fairly slowly, but you can use time skips to speed up the quests if you are actively playing.

You’re going to need food in order to quest actively or passively, so be sure to collect the food that has built up either before you start questing or before you go offline for an extended period. Either way, you’re setting yourself up to collect all kinds of rewards.

Anytime that you receive a relic, you have to go to the relic menu and activate it manually. Once you do, it will boost the statistics of your snail permanently, and it only cost a small number of black tadpoles to activate. You can upgrade your active relics by spending green, blue, purple, and orange reagents, all of which can be earned from questing and from battling against apostles.

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If you are having trouble beating a difficult apostle, and then go back and do as many upgrades to your snail as you can. The game will warn you before you go back, but the apostle will respawn as soon as you go back to your adventure, which will allow you to fight them again.

Additionally, a few attacks into the fight, you will be able to hit the skip button and skip to the final result of the battle, which will result in either victory or defeat. Victory means that you can move onto the next area. Defeat means that you will have to upgrade and then fight them again.

Once you defeat the apostles in the area, then at the very end, you will be able to fight the demon god. If you defeat the demon god, you will move on to an entirely different country. As you make your way through this game, you will end up questing all the way across the world and fighting angainst all seven of the demon gods.

There are loads of advertisement video bonuses scattered throughout the game. You can watch advertisement videos in order to collect those bonuses just as long as you have a strong internet connection, or you can use ad tickets to skip the advertisements and simply collect the bonuses.

To make things simple, look for any of the icons that have an orange dot near them, and tap them, because the orange dot signifies that there is a free bonus that you don’t have to pay for. It can either be completely free, or it can require watching an advertisement video in order to earn, but it’s still free.