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Alchemy Dungeon – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Alchemy Dungeon is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that plays like a retro old-school dungeon crawler. In this turn based RPG, you get to spend skill points and other types of points on special attacks, picking up various items such as coins and potions that you find around the stage, and more. This game also has a very heavy presence on TikTok, making it easy to find a community.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Alchemy Dungeon!

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The main point of the game, which is not explained very well at the beginning, is to last as long as you can in each one of the dungeons. In order to do this, keep an eye on the health of your knight, as well as the attack power. Pick up weapons and then use them to attack the enemies on the screen.

If you attack an enemy on the screen without carrying a weapon, you will deal as much damage to them as possible, but they will deal an equal amount of damage to you. That means if the enemy has the same amount of health as you have, Then you will both knock each other off in one shot. When you attack with a weapon, you will attack without having to lose any health.

Be sure to combine things together as often as you can. Combine two swords together, two clubs together, or a club and a sword, for example, in order to increase your attack power. When you knock out skeletons, combine their bones together in order to make clubs that you can attack with. Combine coins and potions together to turn them into better coins and better potions, which will earn you more coins and more health.

As you tap around the screen, picking up items and knocking out enemies, you will see light gray blocks pop up. Tap on these light gray blocks in order to expose more items, more weapons, more coins, and more enemies. You do not have to wait until the screen fills up; you can tap the light blocks anytime that you want to.

You can unlock new heroes in the game, and you can also upgrade the heroes that you already have. Go to the heroes menu and tap the ones that you already have in order to find the option to upgrade them, which costs coins. In order to unlock new heroes, you have to get a specified score on a specified dungeon; you can’t unlock new heroes by spending money or coins.

In between dungeons, you will also be able to unlock new combos by spending coins. This increases the number of things that you are able to merge together, and it also enables you to merge certain items together more than one time total. This will give you far more options when you are playing levels, struggling to defeat enemies, and struggling to move onto the next dungeon.