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Bee Brilliant – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Bee Brilliant is a new puzzle game for the iOS platform by the same people that brought Skyline Skaters and Chasing Yello to the app store. This hexagonal match-three game stunned initial impressionists with its barbershop quartet theme song, but there is quite a bit more that makes this game very addicting. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bee Brilliant!

Like most match three games, this one starts off with five lives for you, the player, and whenever you lose a stage you lose a life. You’ll keep lives when you win, though. If you run out of lives, one method of recourse is to log onto Facebook and ask your friends who play the game for free lives, or to invite your friends who don’t play the game to play, so that they can give you free lives. Or add people who are looking for adds in the comments here, the App Store review page, or on Facebook fan groups.

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Otherwise, another way to go is to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by the amount of time it takes to restore the amount of lives you lost. It will take around 100 minutes to get the full restoration of five hearts, but you can do this trick however many times you want, and get the full amount of free lives every time.

The more bees that you match in one move, the more super bees that you’ll end up placing on the board. They will be a random color, but they’re always helpful, and as a general rule, the more super bees you have, the easier it will be to accomplish any goal on the stages. Each of the super bees will make a line of bees disappear.

Mix multiple super bees to make multiple lines disappear. Mix as many of them as possible, because then you’ll knock out a massive amount of bees from the board. Oftentimes if you mix four or more of them together in one shot, you can clear off every single bee on the entire board in one move.

After you beat a stage, every move that you do not use will turn into a super bee, and the super bees will go off automatically. In addition every super bee that you left behind on the board will go off before the extra moves are utilized, so if you want to earn the highest score possible, try to save up all of your super bees for after you beat the level.