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Shooting Showdown 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Shooting Showdown 2 is the latest shooting-gallery game by Naquatic, who tends to specialize in these kind of games. In this game you compete against other players to see who can put more shots on target, and you do this by using your phone to aim a gun, and shooting at targets on the screen. The player with the most points wins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shooting Showdown 2!

Before you do anything else, remember the free gold that you can claim once per day. To claim your free gold, go to the IAP store and hit the claim button. Every 24 hours you can claim a new prize of gold. The more days that you collect the prize consecutively, the more that the gold is worth, so keep going back every day to collect.

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As far as the shooting goes, tilt your phone up, down, left, right, and any combination of the above in order to aim at the targets on screen. The faster that you can aim and shoot, the better you will do, regardless of your gun level, so play as often as possible to speed up your aiming and your trigger finger.

Aim at the farthest targets that you can reliably hit, because the farther away the target is, the more points you earn for that one shot. To make it easier to go for close target, enable the zoom-in feature in your phone’s settings. This is especially important if you are playing with a small iPhone (AKA: any iPhone besides a 6 or a 6 plus).

Master having a quick reload motion. To reload, hold the phone flat, facing up, and swipe down on the icon that appears underneath the bullet counter. Do this as quickly as possible and don’t waste time with slow reloading. And to keep track of when you are shooting fast, don’t use the vibrations to track your bullets. Use the bullet counter.

Enter as many friend codes as you can to bolster your number of friends, and if you want to earn more gold, you’ll have to get people to enter your friend code, too. Post yours on the App Store review page or on a Facebook fan group for the game, and find fan codes to enter as well in those same locations.