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Basketball Showdown – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Basketball Showdown is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Naquatic. Your goal is to swipe up and shoot as many baskets in the given amount of time as possible, competing against either a computer opponent or another player in order to get the most points. Read on for some tips and tricks for Basketball Showdown!

As you continue to shoot your player will automatically move around the court, from side to side and from front to back, meaning that you will have to adjust your shot ever so slightly in order to make it accurately. In general, though, swipe straight up and stop your swipe right on the basket and you will make the shot almost every time.

You will earn gold as you go, more gold if you shoot more baskets, and the most gold if you win. Also be sure to check the in app purchase store every single day because you will have a new login reward waiting for you. Of course, this being a free to play game, you can also buy gold if you are just not earning it quickly enough.

Use all of that gold to purchase better basketballs. Different basketballs can be shot farther as well as making it easier to land all of your shots in the basket. Basketball start off really cheap, but as you get more advanced they get a whole lot more expensive. The top-of-the-line basketball cost thousands of gold.

The best way to earn all this gold is to join leagues. If you have the best record in your division, make it to the playoffs, and win, you are in massive amounts of gold. The better your record and the better you do in the league, the more gold that you will end up earning and and the more of it that you can spend on better basketballs.

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Shoot as quickly as you can. The faster that you shoot the ball, the more opportunity that you will have to make a higher number of shots. Land more shots in a row and the ball will catch fire. When the ball catches fire, every shot you make will be worth two points rather than one point. You want to stay in this zone for as long as possible and you are almost guaranteed to win.