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Basketball Stars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Basketball Stars is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by, the company that publishes the famous app, as well as many other hits. You can shoot baskets against other players and, unlike many other games of this genre, you can actually do various offensive and defensive moves, like in real one-on-one basketball. Read on for some tips and tricks for Basketball Stars!

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Strategies are different depending on what game mode you decide to play. Shooting Race is very simple and straightforward. All that you have to do in this game is to swipe up to shoot. The power bar will show you what the perfect amount to swipe by is; if you hit a perfect shot, you will earn three points (as opposed to two) and if you shoot more than one perfect shot in a row, you will earn six for every consecutive one.

Attacker-defender is a tougher game mode. You’ll develop your own strategies as you play but a good thing to remember is that speed is key. Don’t spend too much time side stepping and faking; throw in one or two at the beginning and then shoot quickly, but accurately so that you can beat your competition.

As the defender, though, you will have to practice in order to succeed. Focus on reading your opponent to see what they do next, and if they delay AT ALL, steal the ball from them with a swipe downwards. Most people will delay and make slow decisions, unless they have read this article, so take advantage and steal the ball often.

You can collect free cash every so often, but the game has its own timer, so setting the clock ahead on your phone will not get you instant free cash, unfortunately. You can earn free gold if you log into Facebook using the game. In addition, you can win loads of gold and cash from the free spins that you earn over time.

Go to the shop for new bags as often as possible. The balls each come with different stats; some of them have more powerful and more accuracy than others. Clothing, facial hair and other accessories will not change your stats; they will simply give you another way to customize the game.