Super Mecha Champions: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Super Mecha Champions is a new battle Royale game with a twist by NetEase, who also markets other Battle Royale games like Creative Destruction and Rules of Survival. You have the cartoony, zany visuals and places a la Fortnite (except in Anime style), but with the addition of mechas, or giant robots for those who aren’t well versed in anime terminology.

You get dropped into a huge arena with 100 other players, with the usual assortment of weapons and items, but you can also summon a mecha for extra damage and destruction. You can earn alpha coins, gold coins, new characters, new mechas, new vehicles, and a whole host of other goodies as you go.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Mecha Champions!

After the tutorial, it’s good to play one or two rounds of Battle Royale mode (the only one available when you begin the game) in order to get the hang of how the game works. After that though, head to the main menu and do some studying.

The main thing you want to study is your weapons. Read their descriptions and their stats so that you know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Some are pretty conventional, such as assault rifles and SMGs, while others are completely out of left field, such as the Shatterstar Gun and the flamethrower that looks like a guitar.

Study your mecha collection too, because each of them has different strengths and weaknesses, and different methods of attack. As you use your mechas more, your proficiency level will increase, leading to stat increases, allowing you to be more effective with a mecha as you use it more often.

The game works like most Battle Royales except for one important exception; you have weapons right from the beginning, so you can start the action right away, rather than having to run and hide until you pick up stuff. Still, search out as many weapons, as much ammo, and items as you can.

Picking the right landing spot is crucial to making your plan work; where the right spot is depends on your playing style. If you want to hide and let players kill themselves off, let yourself land at the far reaches of the map. If you want in on the action right away, land somewhere toward the middle and/or in a named area.

As usual with Battle Royale games, watch out for the map to shrink. When the storm comes, get into the safe area, and watch out for other players, who will show up more frequently as the map shrinks. Take cover somewhere and take aim, especially if you have a sniper rifle, as players are distracted by the scramble for safety.

You’ll pick up all sorts of rewards as the game goes on, whether you have a battle pass or not, but if you have a battle pass, the rewards can be multiplied almost every time. Plus, other various season bonuses will show up too, mostly cosmetic, but some leading to unlocked game modes, as well.

For example, as you gain experience levels, you can unlock Team Deathmatch, and even more game modes as updates come out and as your experience levels go up. Use experience boosters and finish as highly as possible to maximize your experience.

Make smart use of your mecha abilities. Don’t waste your mecha time while you’re at the beginning of the level, hunting for other players. Try to save it for as late as you can, so that you can gun down multiple players in a crowded area in short succession.

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