VikingHunters: Adventure Tour – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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VikingHunters: Adventure Tour Is a new adventure RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a band of Vikings who goes out to sea, looking for battles, adventure, and loot. You sail in a viking ship, fighting against various sea monsters, throwing weapons at them, and killing them before they kill you.

You can earn coins, unlock all kinds of weapon upgrades, and go as far in battle as possible in order to earn as many coins as possible. Plus, you can rebuild your town to unlock a number of unique bonuses.

Read on for some tips and tricks for VikingHunters: Adventure Tour!

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The premise of the battles is to hit each enemy in the eye, avoid their attacks, and drain their health bar before they drain all of your hearts. You can tap the left and right arrows to direct your ship, and your weapons fire off automatically. Get in the right positions to land a hit.

Your first available upgrades are to your weapons, because you unlock the blacksmith shop as part of the tutorial. However, as you earn more coins, you’ll be able to unlock more places in your town.

You can unlock the temple in order to purchase spells, which are limited use, and which either do damage throughout a battle, boost you, or debuff the enemy. Then you can build the dry dock, where you can upgrade your ship.

Weapons are going to be your first upgrade, though. Make sure the axe is done first, since it’s your default weapon. You’ll find a lot weapon power-ups as you go, though, so the weapon upgrades are extremely useful.

Two out of the three weapon power-ups are always useful. The hammer does splash damage, so pick it up whenever you see it unless the monster has only one eye left. Arrows make it ridiculously easy to aim because three of them launch at once, so pick them up as well.

The spear is sometimes useful, depending on how highly upgraded it is, and how upgraded your axe is. If your axe has more upgrades than your spear, then it’s mostly useless, because it just fires one shot. It does double the damage of the hammer at the same level, though, so if they’re at the same upgrade level, then use the spear.

You can earn more coins the further you go. As you get stronger, skip five levels at a time to earn more coins quicker, but when you just barely scrape by a battle, go to the next level raid without skipping, so that you have a better shot of winning.

Be sure to hit the merchant whenever they come back to your town. Tap on the merchant and you will get 20 coins in exchange for watching an advertisement video. This is especially useful early on in the game, when you’re not earning many coins.

As you continue to upgrade, the 20 coins becomes less useful, but each ad video only lasts 30 minutes anyways, so there is no point in not watching the video. Save up the extra coins and you’ll upgrade far more quickly.

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