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Battlelands Royale: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Battlelands Royale is a new top-down, cuter take on the Battle Royale genre popularized by PUBG and Fortnite. In this game, 30+ players enter into the arena, and only one leaves alive, so to win that chicken dinner, you need to strategize, evade, survive and escape, and shoot accurately. You can earn new outfits and dances, increase your rank, and even unlock new maps. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battlelands Royale!

You can tap to choose where you drop, allowing you to look at the map first and figure out what terrain you want to drop in. Stay away from large grassy fields. They may hide you, but everybody else is going to try to drop into fields full of tall grass, because they also want to hide. Ironically, your best bet tends to be wide-open areas with little cover, as everybody is going to try to avoid those. Drop in an open area, collect your equipment, then join the battle later.

First, collect the gun. Then, go around and search for all of the armor that you can. Collect it to add to your armor level. When you get shot, your armor gets drained first, and then your health, so when you collect more armor, you can take more hits without being killed.

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Pay attention to what weapon someone is wielding before you engage in battle with them. If they have a long-range weapon, then be very careful if you have a shotgun. If they have a rocket launcher, don’t engage in close-range battle with them. Stay with a long-range weapon in that event.

No matter what weapon you’re using, smart evasion will keep you alive. Don’t just move to one side – move from side to side to throw their aim off, because if they move to one side with you, it will be easier for them to hit you. And if you’re outmatched, take your finger off of the gun button and run away.

When you gain levels, you get rewards, such as more coins and costumes. If you join Club Royale, which is the game’s version of a VIP club, you’ll get much larger rewards with every level that you gain. Club Royale costs real-life money to join, but you’ll get more rewards as an active player that will make it worth purchasing Club Royale over purchasing a fixed amount of coins.