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Brawl Stars: List of Creator Codes and How To Get Your Own

Brawl Stars is a smash hit player vs player battle game for the iOS and Android platforms by Supercell, one of the biggest developers in the entire mobile gaming business.One a unique aspect of the game is the addition of creator codes, which allow players to support their favorite Youtubers and content creators.

You don’t earn any extra gems by using creator codes, but your favorite creator will, and their gems are given by the developer themselves, not out of the portion that you purchased. If you are a content creator, it’s even possible to get your own creator code for other players to use.

Read on for a list of creator codes, how to use them, and how to get your own in Brawl Stars!

To start, we will talk about getting your own creator code. The first step to doing this is to start a YouTube channel, which sounds like a daunting task, but all that you have to do is have a YouTube account, and start uploading videos to it. Videos about Brawl Stars are recommended, since this is a game that you want a creator code for.

Your next step is to join the Supercell Content Creator Program. Your only requirements to be accepted as part of this program are to have a minimum of 5000 YouTube subscribers, which is a lot less than one would think the requirement would be for such a massive game. Keep releasing videos and optimizing to the YouTube algorithms, and 5000 subscribers will be rather easy to accomplish.

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Even if you get accepted to the content creator program, there is still no guarantee that you will get a creator code of your own, because they are still in beta, and the question of who gets the code is up to the developer, the developer invites the content creator to have a code, not the other way around.

You can apply a creator code in the settings menu. All you have to do is enter the code, and for the next seven days, any purchase that you make will also support the creator of your choice. You can stop the support before the seven days is done, or if you want to keep supporting the creator, you can enter their code again after the seven days is done.

You can also choose to support a different creator at any time, whether you want to wait seven days or you want to do it immediately. You can support all the creators that you want this way.

If there is a specific creator that you want to support, they will give out their code via one of their videos or their website. Search through their videos to see what their creator code is.


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