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PK XD: Creator Code List and Creator Badge Guide

PK XD is a game that is all about playing with your friends. The main point of this game is creativity and content creation. The possibilities are almost limitless within this game, as long as you have the coins and gems to get what you want.

One thing that can help with that is to become a content creator and get your content creator badge. The developers have devised a method of doing this. This allows you to have your own creator code, which you can then give out to other players. If you are a normal player, then you can enter someone else’s creator code in order to get free goodies.

Read on for a guide on how to become a content creator and get your creator badge in PK XD!

How to Become a Creator and Get Your Creator Codes

If you want to become a creator yourself, get a creator badge, and unlock the ability to set your own creator code, then that’s a different story. This is a little bit more of a difficult deal, but we will go over how to do that

First, we’ll talk about the benefits of getting your creator badge. The biggest benefit, of course, is getting free coins and gems, which you can then use for the purpose of content creation. You also get a name change to your creator name plus a creator hashtag, #000. Plus, you will be able to go ad-free without paying anything.

Not only that, but you will get access to news about the game before everybody else does. You may also ask for special items to help with your content creation. Additionally, you will get extra opportunities to monetize your channel, and your videos could be featured in the game itself, or on PK XD social channels.

So how can you become eligible to get a creator code and a creator badge? First, you have to have a YouTube channel, and you have to have no less than 5,000 subscribers. Plus, you also have to have made at least one video about PK XD within the last 30 days.

You cannot have any explicit or super controversial content on your channel. Also, if you go 60 days without making a video about the game, you will be removed from the creator program, and have to sign back up again if you want to re-join.

So how do you get to 5,000 subscribers? It helps if you have another content creation outlet, such as TikTok, Twitch, a website, or social media in general. You can leverage your existing content creation outlet to promote your YouTube channel.

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A great way to do this is by holding a subscriber contest. Advertise a contest that if you reach a specific subscriber milestone, you will give away a prize to a random subscriber. Of course, you have to actually follow through if you’re going to hold one of these contests.

Once you meet all the criteria to apply for your creator badge, go to the official website for creators and apply. Put in all the information that it asks you to put in, apply, and wait to see if you’ve been accepted.

The official website is at Once you meet the criteria, go there and apply. If your application gets rejected, then try going back later and applying again; you might get acccepted if you keep trying.

Other Players’ Creator Codes and How To Use Them For Your Benefit

To enter someone else’s creator code, first, go to the store menu, where you can buy coins and gems. Scroll all the way to the right side of the menu, and when you get there, you will find an area where you can input someone else’s creator code.

Once you get there, type the code in, or copy and paste it from whatever source that you found it, and confirm it in order to get the rewards.

So where can you find new creator codes? Twitch and YouTube are two of the main sources that you should look at. Look at videos and streams, because videomakers and streamers are the most likely to have their own codes; in fact, being on YouTube is a prerequisite to getting a creator code.

Search all over the place on both of those site, and all the other sources such as the Subreddit for the game, for creator codes. The more of them that you find and use, the more goodies that you will be able to get.

Some content creators might also post their creator codes on their Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or other social media profiles, but it’s far more likely that you’re going to find them on YouTube or Twitch. Creators occasionally share other peoples’ codes for the purpose of making a video, as well.

Check the review page on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, because often creators will post their codes there so that more people can’t use them. Sort the reviews from newest to oldest, so that you have a better chance of finding a newer code.

Of course, some of these codes only last for a limited time, so you’re going to have to be on the lookout for codes that have been posted recently, as opposed to old codes. Many times the same creator will post One code at one point, then another coat a few months later. Always use the most recent code that you can find from that creator.

Also keep in mind that you can use as many of these creator codes as you want. You can use one creator code only one time per account, but you can use as many individual different creator codes as you want, as long as they work.

As follows, here is a list of creator codes that we have found that can be used in order to get free rewards in PK XD:






Creators are constantly adding more codes, and creator codes are constantly expiring depending on what creators decide to change their codes to next. Keep on lookout for more creator codes, because as we find more of them, we will add them to the segment of the article!


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