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Apex Legends Mobile: Redeem Code, Creator Code, and Invitation Code Guide

Apex Legends Mobile is a brand new battle arena shooter for the iOS and Android platforms that is based off the original game and has quickly become one of the most popular downloads on mobile devices. The graphics are beautiful, the characters are as whimsical as they are in the original, and do you have a multitude of maps and weapons to work with and battle against other players in their teams with.

There are three important codes in the history of the franchise. Redeem codes or codes that the developer gives out in order to facilitate free prizes. Invitation codes allow players to use each other’s codes to earn rewards.

Creator codes allow players to support their favorite streamer or YouTuber, or, if they themselves are content creators, to reap the benefits whenever their audience purchases and in app purchase.

Read it on for a full guide to all three code types in Apex Legends Mobile!

Creator codes are one of the more unique features from the original Apex Legends, and as such, many are wondering if they are eventually going to make it over to Apex Legends Mobile. As of right now, no such feature exists in the mobile version of the game; however, the developers have all but confirmed that this feature will appear eventually.

The point of creator codes is that they allow you to show support for a favorite YouTuber or streamer who creates content related to the game. You enter their code, and when you do, they will receive a little bit of money when you make an in app purchase, such as buying a skin.

To get your own creator code, you can apply on the official website for the game. Be sure to have your YouTube or Twitch channel handy, along with proof that you have already started making contact about Apex Legends, or, eventually, Apex Legends Mobile.

Redeem codes are another function that is present in Apex Legends, but is not yet present in Apex Legends Mobile. If other similar shooter games are any indication, these codes should be well on their way eventually, with a future update by the developers.

In the original game, redeem codes can be acquired one of two ways. The first is that they are given out by the developers and can be exchanged for free gifts and prizes. Typically, they are given out on their social media channels.

Another completely different set of redeem codes is given out through the purchase of Monster energy cans, through a collaboration between Monster and EA. A new code can be acquired every time you purchase a can of monster energy drink. This promotion is only for a limited time, though, and for the maximum rewards, you have to buy a large number of cans within the specified amount of time.

Once again, we would like to reiterate that this is only available for the original version of Apex Legends, and not the mobile version, but we can certainly expect some sort of similar collaboration with the mobile version eventually.

The one type of code that is presently available in Apex legends mobile is the invitation code. This code can earn you free gifts and prizes, just like a redemption code. Each player has their own invitation code; you can use anybody else’s code to get prizes, and if somebody else uses your code, you will also get prizes.

To use an invitation code, go to the area that says “season events“. Next, click on “grow your squad“. Hit the go button and you will find your invitation code.

Next to it will be a button that says “I am invited“. Tap this button and you will be able to enter another player’s invitation code. When that code is confirmed, you and that other player will both earn free rewards.

As follows, here is our invitation code in Apex Legends Mobile:

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You can use our invitation code, and you can put your invitation code in the comment section below, in order to try and entice other players to use it.


Monday 6th of June 2022

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