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Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels – List of Redeem Codes and How to Find More

Hot and Rich: Billionaire Novels is a new interactive story game for the iOS and Android platforms. You get to choose your own adventure in these interactive novel games where you date wealthy and good-looking playboys and bachelors. You can use keys and diamonds to advance the story along as you go.

If you run out of those two things, then you can use redeem codes in order to earn more for free. Redeem codes can be used by each player, and each player has their own specific one, but how they work might be a little bit murky.

Read it on for a list of redeem codes, how they work, and how to get more of them in Hot and Rich: Billionaire Novels!

The way that these codes work is that each player has one unique code. You cannot enter your own code, but you can enter any other player’s code, and any other player can enter your code. It’s kind of like an invitation code, in a way.

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To enter one of these codes, assuming that you didn’t already get an invite from another player before you played the game, go to the menu button on the bottom of the screen that says “share“. At the very bottom, you will see a text box where you can enter a code. Enter the redeem code and then confirm the code in order to get free goodies.

So where do you find more redeem codes? The easy answer is on Facebook, in the comment section in any post made by the official account for the game. Players are going to be posting their codes all over the place, so pick a random one and use it.

Another great place to look is in the review section on the download page in the App Store. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a newer review or an older one, because the codes in this game never expire, so again, you can simply pick a random code and use it.

Another good place to find codes is in any video about this game. Twitch and YouTube, of course, are the main sources for video contact for any game, so search for videos about this game and the video creator will most likely have shared their code.

Your code is listed in the same menu as the redeem code text box. To get other players to use your code, post to your redeem code anywhere that the rules allow you to, or send invites to players or potential players who you think would be interested.

You can also post redeem codes in the comment section of this very article. Additionally, feel free to use the codes that have been posted by other players as well.

Whenever you use the code through another player, or that other player uses your code, both of you will receive freebies. If your code is the one that gets used, then you will receive free diamonds.

Here is a code that you can use to earn free stuff:


Be sure to max out on the free stuff that you can get, and include your code in the comment section as well!


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